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The biggest dump truck in the world seen from the front

BelAZ 75710 – The biggest dump truck in the world

This is the BelAZ 75710 and it’s a real giant. In fact, it’s the biggest mining dump truck in the world with a carrying capacity of 450 tonnes; what a beast! If you look at the picture above, you can see the teeny, tiny cab where the driver sits (top right as you look face-on ...

ULEZ Euro 6 – What’s the big deal?

As all transport and haulage companies that operate in Central London will know, the rules regarding vehicle emissions have just had another big shake-up. Earlier this month on the 8th April 2019, any diesel vehicle, whether it be a car, van or lorry must be ULEZ ( Ultra Low Emission Zone) Euro 6 compliant. Nowadays, pretty much ...

Rupert Bean

Tree house planning permission – Do you need it?

During those hot & sultry summer months, we tend to ponder over what additions we can make to make to our gardens just so we have an excuse to spend more time outdoors. If you have a young family, you may be considering adding a treehouse for the kids (or even yourselves!) to your garden. ...

Rupert Bean

White Christmas checker

Will you get a White Christmas? Check now!

We love nifty little websites that are quick, fun and easy to use – and this one ticks all those boxes. If you’re wondering if your Christmas is going to be like a scene from The Polar Express, then wonder no more! The website page comes with a cute looking snowman who’s going to be ...