Keeping A Healthy Mind (And Body) While In Isolation

There’s no doubt that during the difficult and challenging time we’re all facing, our stress levels will most likely be far higher than usual. As a result of the Government’s strict Coronavirus self-isolation directive, many of us will have to rapidly adapt to the dramatic changes in our usual routine. Since a large percentage of … Read more

“Microblading gone wrong” and how to avoid a bad microblade artist

A dog with bad eyebrows

Table of contents Price Training Image examples (with links) Reviews Referrals Outline marking Personality Hygiene If you’re considering having your eyebrows microbladed, perhaps for the first time, you’ll no doubt be a bit apprehensive about where to go. After all, microblading is called “semi-permanent” makeup for a reason, i.e. the results are intended to be … Read more

Do Sperm Have Brains?

After coming across a video the other day of these tiny little microscopic critters swimming around, it made me wonder if sperm had brains. Now, I’ve never heard of them having brains but since they kinda look like tadpoles and swim like tadpoles, which do have brains, I thought maybe… just maybe … they might. … Read more

The History of Tattoos

History and origin of tattoos

Different Uses of Tattoos Today, people from all walks of life sport tattoos. They are seen as a form of self-expression and are generally considered an aesthetic choice. There are also other uses for them that have been developed in modern medicine. During radiotherapy. Marks are tattooed on parts of the body for the correct … Read more