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Swanley – Home of the dumped & abandoned shopping trolley

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Shopping trolleys are great aren’t they. We turn up to the supermarket, grab a shopping trolley and head on into the store to buy all kinds of yummy things – like 8KG of  Haribo for example. Balance that with some spring greens and a carrot and we’re good to go.

Whilst some supermarkets charge a returnable fee to take the trolley into the store, others don’t. Whether a deposit is required or not, most people return them and get their money back.

Some of Swanley’s residents who don’t own a car and don’t want to shell out on a cab decide to wheel the trolleys home with their goodies in the shopping trolley.

So, once you get home, what do you do? Wheel the thing back to store or just leave it somewhere close to home because you can’t be arsed to take it back to Swanley Asda or Aldi .

How much do shopping trolleys cost?

Obviously, the big supermarkets buy about a gazillion at a time so it’s reasonable to assume that they get a pretty hefty discount. Nevertheless, they still aren’t cheap. This single shopping trolley can be yours for under £300 so we can only speculate about what discount the big chains get.

Even with a discount, they still have to recover them and believe it or not, there are companies out there that specialise in hoovering up all the random shopping trolleys dumped around town.

Swanley in Kent is of course, no exception. It has a rich source of discarded shopping trolleys scattered around the town and here is a nice selection to browse through. My favourite ones are those that have purposely been hung over signposts. No mean feat to lift them up and get them over the pole! The artistic perpetrators show a mix of skill and cunning in their work, fighting an ongoing battle with the trolley collectors in some kind of weird shopping trolley arms race; as soon as they’re collected, new ones begin to appear around the poles.

OK, so here’s some funny trolley pictures for you to peruse 🙂

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