Slang words for Vagina

Slang words for vagina

We stumbled upon this wonderful and funny video the other day by YouTube user Skylar Marie Gray which provides a fairly comprehensive list of slang words for vagina. In the video, the Scottish lassie lists off a plethora of slang terms that are sometimes used to describe the ‘lady garden’. In just under a minute, … Read more

Do Sperm Have Brains?

After coming across a video the other day of these tiny little microscopic critters swimming around, it made me wonder if sperm had brains. Now, I’ve never heard of them having brains but since they kinda look like tadpoles and swim like tadpoles, which do have brains, I thought maybe… just maybe … they might. … Read more

The big questions in life

The big questions in life

It seems to me that the ‘big questions’ in life change with time. At different ages, mine have included: a) Is Santa real? b) Will Charles Atlas’s ‘dynamic tension’ training really give me muscles as big as those in his adverts on the back of my Superman comic? c) Will anyone ever want to have … Read more