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The Pippem

Deep Space Nine Jeffries Tube

Is Avery Brooks (Benjamin Sisko) a good or bad actor?

Since Star Trek Deep Space Nine first aired on our TV screens back in 1993, there has been an ongoing debate as to whether Avery Brooks who played the leading role as Benjamin Sisko is a good actor or not. ‘The Sisko’, as The Prophets in the series were rather fond of calling him, has ...

The Pippem

Funny shopping trolley picture

Swanley – Home of the dumped & abandoned shopping trolley

Shopping trolleys are great aren’t they. We turn up to the supermarket, grab a shopping trolley and head on into the store to buy all kinds of yummy things – like 8KG of  Haribo for example. Balance that with some spring greens and a carrot and we’re good to go. Whilst some supermarkets charge a returnable fee ...