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The Fairbairn Steam Crane at Bristol Docks

Steam Cranes – The Fairbairn Steam Crane, Bristol Docks

A summary of this post: The Fairbairn Steam Crane, patented in 1850 and located at Bristol Docks, is the only remaining working example of its design. Initially built to lift heavy loads up to 35 tons, it saw limited use due to rapid technological advancements. Notably, it was extensively used during World War II for ...

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Difference between ton versus tonne

Ton vs Tonne – What’s The Difference?

A summary of this post: The terms ‘ton’ and ‘tonne’ represent different weight measurements: a ‘tonne’ is a metric unit equal to 1,000 kilograms, used globally. In contrast, a ‘ton’ in the USA refers to 2,000 pounds, approximately 907 kilograms. Therefore, a metric tonne is about 93 kilograms heavier than a US ton. The usage ...

Red Sands forts protecting The Nore

What (and where) is The Nore?

A brief summary of this post: The Nore is a submerged sandbank located at the point where the Thames Estuary meets the North Sea, east of the water between Shoeburyness in Essex and Sheerness in Kent. It posed a significant navigational hazard to ships entering the estuary. To mitigate this, the world’s first lightship was ...

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Busting the Big Breakfast Myth

A brief summary of this post: A Johns Hopkins University study debunked the myth that a big breakfast aids weight loss. It involved 41 overweight adults who were divided into two groups: one followed a time-restricted feeding pattern, consuming 80% of their calories before 1 pm, and the other had a usual feeding pattern, eating ...

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Are skeleton keys real or legal?

Are Skeleton Keys Real / Legal?

A brief summary of this post: Skeleton keys, once common tools for opening multiple locks, are now largely obsolete due to advanced lock technology. Their legality varies by country and largely depends on the intent of use. For instance, hotels often use electronic passkeys, modern equivalents of skeleton keys, for staff to access rooms. The ...

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A dog with bad eyebrows

“Microblading gone wrong” and how to avoid a bad microblade artist

A brief summary of this post: To avoid a microblading disaster, consider several factors: Be cautious of unusually low prices as they might indicate inexperience or lack of skill. Verify the artist’s qualifications and training; reputable artists typically display their certifications. Assess their work through before-and-after images, ensuring authenticity and quality. Evaluate reviews critically, noting ...

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Belaz 75710 - The biggest truck in the world

What is the biggest truck in the world?

A brief summary of this post: The BelAZ 75710, made in Belarus, is the world’s largest truck, designed for heavy-duty mining and construction. It can carry a staggering 450 metric tonnes, weighing 810 tonnes when fully loaded. The truck is over 20 meters long, 8 meters high, and nearly 10 meters wide. Despite its immense ...

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Intermittent fasting – What is it and can it help you lose weight?

A brief summary of this post: Intermittent fasting involves eating within specific time frames, rather than limiting types of food. Popular forms include the 16/8 method (eating only during an 8-hour period), Eat-Stop-Eat (full fasting on two non-consecutive days weekly), and the 5:2 diet (eating 500 calories on two days each week). Studies, including one ...

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When someone loses weight, where does it go?

Let’s explore the maths… If you’re a fan of TEDx talks, are fond of mathematics and are looking to lose weight, then the video below could be just what you’re looking for. In the video, Ruben Meerman (aka ‘the surfing scientist’) explores the myths and maths behind weight loss and asks the question: “When somebody ...

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Emotional Eating: How can I stop comfort eating?

Whilst the lighthearted notion of “reaching for the nearest bar of chocolate” when we’re upset or stressed is something of a cliche, the sad reality is that comfort eating can have negative, long-lasting psychological consequences. Although it’s often seen as a source of amusement when we joke about comfort eating with friends or family, emotional ...