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Do Sperm Have Brains?

A brief summary of this post: Sperm cells do not have brains. They navigate instinctively, swimming towards higher concentrations of molecules released by the egg and warmer areas in the female reproductive system. Sperm cells, each consisting of a head, a propulsion middle section, and a tail, vary in size across species. For example, fruit ...

What are NaN miles?

What are NaN miles? – What does NaN miles mean?

A brief summary of this post: “NaN miles” stands for “Not a Number,” a term encountered in digital systems when a numerical value is expected but not provided or is invalid. In the context of online car listings, it appears when the mileage field is incorrectly entered, prompting the system to display “NaN miles” instead ...

The Pippem

Funny shopping trolley picture

Swanley – Home of the dumped & abandoned shopping trolley

Shopping trolleys are great aren’t they. We turn up to the supermarket, grab a shopping trolley and head on into the store to buy all kinds of yummy things – like 8KG of  Haribo for example. Balance that with some spring greens and a carrot and we’re good to go. Whilst some supermarkets charge a returnable fee ...