The big questions in life

Neil Hunt

The big questions in life

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It seems to me that the ‘big questions’ in life change with time. At different ages, mine have included:

a) Is Santa real?

b) Will Charles Atlas’s ‘dynamic tension’ training really give me muscles as big as those in his adverts on the back of my Superman comic?

c) Will anyone ever want to have sex with me/love me (or at least the first one)?

d) Should we have kids?

e) Will developments in cryogenics/extreme calorific restriction/ medical technology/computer technology happen fast enough to make death an optional feature of my existence, rather than an obligatory one?

f) Why did we have kids?

g) How can I fix the world, yet still have enough time to party?

h) Where EXACTLY are the other 6 or 7 spacetime dimensions necessary within the M-theory version of the multiverse?

i) How would we ever live without the kids?

j) Will my demise happen before the end of civilisation/life on Earth, or vice versa?

But now the question that preoccupies me most frequently is… what the hell did I come into this room for?

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