What is a derrick crane? (And the curious case of its name)

A two guy derrick

When most people hear the word ‘crane’, they tend to broadly define it as a device that’s able to lift things. While this is of course true, cranes come in a bewildering array of shapes, sizes and functionalities. There are also an equally bewildering number of terms used for the different types of crane types … Read more

Will hydrogen-powered trucks replace diesels?

a hydrogen fuel pump at a gas station

You’ve probably already heard of Elon Musk’s Tesla electric car company, but have you heard of the Nikola Motor Company yet? If you haven’t, you no doubt will in the not-too-distant future. Although both companies are named after the famous inventor Nikola Tesla, the two companies are unrelated. The reason that the Nikola Motor Company … Read more

What (and where) is The Nore?

Red Sands forts protecting The Nore

If you live in Kent or Essex and live close to the water, you may have heard of The Nore. For those that haven’t, here’s a bite-sized insight into a bit of fascinating local maritime history. FROM SHOEBURYNESS TO SHEERNESS Since we regularly visit many of the ports and docks in the South East of … Read more

Will autonomous, self-driving trucks put drivers out of a job?

Self-driving and autonomous driverless truck

AUTONOMOUS DRIVERLESS CARS To begin answering the question, let’s first take a quick of where we’re at in the car industry. Although most people have heard of Elon Musk’s well-known electric car company Tesla, there is still much confusion surrounding the reality of his cars being able to drive themselves in the future without the … Read more

Steam Cranes – The Fairbairn Steam Crane, Bristol Docks

The Fairbairn Steam Crane at Bristol Docks

CRANES BEFORE THE STEAM ERA At the pinnacle of today’s modern mobile crane design we have obvious examples such as HIAB‘s hydraulic, truck mounted crane; but what about the pre-diesel, pre-hydraulic days? What source of power did they use to lift such heavy loads? Well, according to modern-day scholars, the very first use of cranes can … Read more

Heaviest Object Ever Lifted By A Crane

The Taisun crane holds the heaviest crane lift world record

After penning a recent blog about the biggest truck in the world, we couldn’t resist finding out more about heavy-duty cranes and just how much the strongest crane in the world is able to lift. The clear winner in the Heaviest Crane Lift Ever category turns out to be the ‘Taisun’ crane at Yantai Raffles … Read more

Ton vs Tonne – What’s The Difference?

Difference between ton versus tonne

Ton or Tonne? – It’s kinda like one of those “You say tomay-toe, I say tomar-toe” type scenarios, only slightly more confusing! Although everyone knows what a tomato is, the word is pronounced slightly differently depending on whereabouts you live in the world. Conversely, the weight measurements of ‘ ton‘ and ‘tonne‘ are pronounced the same whether you live … Read more