White Christmas checker

Rupert Bean

Will you get a White Christmas? Check now!


We love nifty little websites that are quick, fun and easy to use – and this one ticks all those boxes. If you’re wondering if your Christmas is going to be like a scene from The Polar Express, then wonder no more!

The website page comes with a cute looking snowman who’s going to be your Christmas weather forecaster for the big day. Simply enter your nearest town and he’ll give you the probability of snow falling in your area on Christmas Day.

Is the White Christmas predictor accurate?

We have no idea if this snowman’s White Christmas predictions are accurate or not, although we have checked a few locations around the world just to test the water. We tried Alta in the frosty north of Sweden first and got 100% and then we tried Brisbane in Australia and predictably got 0% so, it’s all looking good so far.

Whether it’s accurate or no, who cares. At the very least, it’s a bit of harmless fun, although don’t go relying on the results for placing a bet at the local betting shop 🙂

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