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Free images on the internet

Where can I get free images online?

A brief summary of this post: Free high-resolution photos for private or commercial use are available online, but caution is advised. Pixabay offers images under the Creative Commons CC0 license, allowing free use without registration. However, users should beware of copyright infringement. It’s important to check images against Google’s Image Results to ensure their legitimacy. ...

Rupert Bean

Blogspot And Blogger Subdomain Spam Backlinks

There’s no doubt that the blogging platform, is a great way to easily create free blogs. If you’re a budding author and want to test the water, it’s an ideal platform to hop on. The trouble is, blogging “blogspot” subdomains are all too frequently used by spammers that are looking to increase the domain ...

What are NaN miles?

What are NaN miles? – What does NaN miles mean?

A brief summary of this post: “NaN miles” stands for “Not a Number,” a term encountered in digital systems when a numerical value is expected but not provided or is invalid. In the context of online car listings, it appears when the mileage field is incorrectly entered, prompting the system to display “NaN miles” instead ...

Red Sands forts protecting The Nore

What (and where) is The Nore?

A brief summary of this post: The Nore is a submerged sandbank located at the point where the Thames Estuary meets the North Sea, east of the water between Shoeburyness in Essex and Sheerness in Kent. It posed a significant navigational hazard to ships entering the estuary. To mitigate this, the world’s first lightship was ...

Puzzled Out - Quick Puzzle Game

Puzzled Out – Fast And Furious Puzzle Game

If you like puzzles & brain-teasers then this game is for you. This quick little game is called Puzzled Out – it’s a fast and furious game of 10 different puzzles, each with a piece missing. Choose the right piece for each and see how many you can get right. When tested by 2000 Brits, ...

The Pippem

Box of 200mg Metronidazole antibiotic

How long does it take for Metronidazole to work?

This article documents how long it took between taking my first Metronidazole tablet, to the pain actually beginning to subside.  So, after struggling for 5 days with brutal tooth pain in one of my lower teeth, I finally bit the bullet (excuse the pun) and decided to take a trip to the dentist. I booked ...