What does shart mean? – OMG, I think I’ve sharted

Indeed, it’s a curious word that only seems to have entered our vocabulary fairly recently. But, what does it mean to ‘shart’?

Firstly, it’s a verb – a doing thing, an action… To shart.


“Oh dear, I think I’ve sharted”

“My guts are dodgy, I can’t stop sharting”

And so on…

So, to shart is to try and fart but as you do, a bit of poop accidentally comes out at the same time that soils your undergarments (unless you go ‘commando’, in which case, you’d really be in trouble).

In case you haven’t figured it out for yourself, the word ‘shart’ is an evil hybrid of two words hideously combined – shit and fart.

Great word but an unpleasant experience for sure!

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