Slang words for vagina

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Slang words for Vagina

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We stumbled upon this wonderful and funny video the other day by YouTube user Skylar Marie Gray which provides a fairly comprehensive list of slang words for vagina. In the video, the Scottish lassie lists off a plethora of slang terms that are sometimes used to describe the ‘lady garden’.

In just under a minute, Skylar delivers an action-packed list of all the slang words for vagina that she can think of. They are:

  1. Minge
  2. C**t
  3. Lady garden
  4. Meat sleeve
  5. Clunge
  6. Fanny
  7. Gash
  8. Beef curtains
  9. P*ss flaps
  10. Vag.
  11. Badly packed kebab
  12. Meat wallet
  13. Axe wound
  14. Snatch
  15. Clam
  16. Penis fly trap
  17. Stench trench
  18. French fried drip **?
  19. Bearded Oyster
  20. Soggy box
  21. Baby cannon
  22. Cock socket
  23. Mum’s glove box
  24. Tampon tunnel
  25. Pink taco
  26. Juice box
  27. Vagu
  28. Meat flap
  29. Front bottom
  30. Kitty
  31. Fufu
  32. Wizard’s Sleeve
  33. Muff
  34. Sugar notch
  35. Beaver
  36. Pink panther
  37. Velvet glove
  38. The notorious V.A.G.
  39. F**k hole
  40. Fur burger
  41. Sausage wallet (Skylar’s favourite!)

That’s a pretty impressive list for a video that is under a minute long! As you’d expect in the comments section of the “vagina slang” video, there was no shortage of additions to the list. These include:

  • Great Limo Garage
  • Sin Bin
  • Drip Slip
  • Pink Envelope
  • Cozy Coin Purse
  • Clam Shell
  • Mushroom Marinade
  • Slip n’ Slide
  • Fun Bun
  • Car Wash
  • Mangled Eyelid
  • Ocean Lotion
  • Popped Balloon

Have we missed any other slang words for vagina? If so, let us know!

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