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Free images on the internet

Where can I get free images online?

A brief summary of this post: Free high-resolution photos for private or commercial use are available online, but caution is advised. Pixabay offers images under the Creative Commons CC0 license, allowing free use without registration. However, users should beware of copyright infringement. It’s important to check images against Google’s Image Results to ensure their legitimacy. ...

Rupert Bean

Difference between ton versus tonne

Ton vs Tonne – What’s The Difference?

A summary of this post: The terms ‘ton’ and ‘tonne’ represent different weight measurements: a ‘tonne’ is a metric unit equal to 1,000 kilograms, used globally. In contrast, a ‘ton’ in the USA refers to 2,000 pounds, approximately 907 kilograms. Therefore, a metric tonne is about 93 kilograms heavier than a US ton. The usage ...

Rupert Bean

Self-driving and autonomous driverless truck

Will autonomous, self-driving trucks put drivers out of a job?

AUTONOMOUS DRIVERLESS CARS To begin answering the question, let’s first take a quick of where we’re at in the car industry. Although most people have heard of Elon Musk’s well-known electric car company Tesla, there is still much confusion surrounding the reality of his cars being able to drive themselves in the future without the ...

Rupert Bean

Asian Hercules III crane

Asian Hercules III Floating Sea Crane Visits Scotland

With wind energy becoming more widespread across the globe, the key components that are used to generate it need to be transported to their final destination somehow. For land-based wind farms, specially adapted low loader trucks are often used to carry out the task but for offshore wind farms, something a bit different is needed ...

The Taisun crane holds the heaviest crane lift world record

Heaviest Object Ever Lifted By A Crane

After penning a recent blog about the biggest truck in the world, we couldn’t resist finding out more about heavy-duty cranes and just how much the strongest crane in the world is able to lift. The clear winner in the Heaviest Crane Lift Ever category turns out to be the ‘Taisun’ crane at Yantai Raffles ...

Are electric vehicles greener than diesel?

As everyone knows, the haulage industry is heavily reliant on diesel engines to power their trucks. While electric and hybrid cars are becoming more widespread on UK roads, it doesn’t look likely that you’ll see electric-powered rigid and artic. trucks on our roads anytime soon. Aside from the sheer size (and weight) of the batteries ...

Rupert Bean

HGV trucks queueing on a motorway

Brexit – HGV Kent Access Permit or Passport to Pimlico?

As most of us in the haulage, logistics and freight transportation industry will already no doubt be aware, plans are afoot to introduce a permit system (dubbed the Kent Access Permit) for all HGV lorry drivers who enter the county of Kent after the Brexit transition period ends, according to the Government. Following a letter ...