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Rupert Bean

The Fairbairn Steam Crane at Bristol Docks

Steam Cranes – The Fairbairn Steam Crane, Bristol Docks

A summary of this post: The Fairbairn Steam Crane, patented in 1850 and located at Bristol Docks, is the only remaining working example of its design. Initially built to lift heavy loads up to 35 tons, it saw limited use due to rapid technological advancements. Notably, it was extensively used during World War II for ...

Red Sands forts protecting The Nore

What (and where) is The Nore?

A brief summary of this post: The Nore is a submerged sandbank located at the point where the Thames Estuary meets the North Sea, east of the water between Shoeburyness in Essex and Sheerness in Kent. It posed a significant navigational hazard to ships entering the estuary. To mitigate this, the world’s first lightship was ...

A truck-mounted HIAB crane

What does HIAB mean and what is it?

For those within the transport industry, the word HIAB is synonymous with ‘loader crane’ but what does the word stand for and what does it actually mean? HIAB is an acronym. In other words, it’s an abbreviation of the full name of the company Hydrauliska Industri AB that manufactures this type of hydraulic crane. In fact, the ...

The Pippem

History and origin of tattoos

The History of Tattoos

Different Uses of Tattoos Today, people from all walks of life sport tattoos. They are seen as a form of self-expression and are generally considered an aesthetic choice. There are also other uses for them that have been developed in modern medicine. During radiotherapy. Marks are tattooed on parts of the body for the correct ...